A Heart-felt Tribute 🌷


Faint is the memory

that can be traced back to the

younger years of childhood.

And Like a whisper of a thought;

Like the remnant of a gentle touch,

the thought is there but fleeting.


The recollection of the sweet fragrance

Of a well cooked meal

Due to be served at half past twelve

Will always brush the chill away

And sting the heavy-hearted.


Some might not want to remember,

the constant trembling of your hands,

the involuntary shudder that racked your body

within the weaker days.

The sudden frailty; the shocking vulnerability.

But it is that that remains etched in my mind.

Eyes as wide as that of a child,

Sweeping across the crowded corner of visitors,

Taking in every moment with slow apprehension.

Eyes that spoke more words,

Than the quivering lips would utter.

And a strength that the body could no longer muster

Echoed within your gentle eyes.


The morning; That morning the petals fell,

But its fiery vibrant color;

The memory of its color will never fade away.



Paper, pen and Poetry 💕

Look At You Now

Look at you now,

Tear-stained, dazed and dejected.

Gone are the golden rays and feelings of spring.

Now you search for the remedy

To winters’ merciless sting.


Look at you now,

Reaching for the moon and the stars,

But you do not get too far,

For your ankles are still chained to the ground,

Oh darling when will you fly?


Look at you now,

Glass fragments on the stone cold floor.

The chill arises and settles on your skin,

But you do not budge,

You feel nothing at all.


Look at you now,

You are not fine china,

You do not shatter when you fall,

This fight is not your last

You have not lost it all.


Look at you now

A chipped tea-cup within the perfect set,

Your skies may be murky and grey,

Your Heart pierced; thoughts in disarray.

But you have not lost it all.


First Love..

First Love

“That if I had to choose between dying tomorrow or spending the rest of my life without him, I would seriously consider picking imminent death”

Book Details

Title: First Love

Author: James Patterson and Emily Raymond

Genres: Romance, Young Adult

Publication date: December 30th 2013

Number of pages: 277



Axi More is the kind of girl that one would normally consider to be a “good girl”.  She scores excellent grades, never misses a class and is a bit of a know-it-all.  In spite of that, Axi is not your everyday typical “goody-two-shoes”. She has plans; plans for a great escape and the only person she wants to take with her is her best friend Robinson who she also happens to be irreversibly, secretly and head over heels in love with. Together they embark on a roller coaster journey, were they discover new places and fulfill desires that she had only dreamt of fulfilling. Things however do not always turn out the way you expect to be and unfortunately Axi has to learn that the hard way. Her journey takes a couple of unexpected and undesirable turns.

Would it all be worth it in the end? Is leaving the safety of Klamath Falls to venture of into the unknown really the best idea for both of them?

I must warn you in advance. This review might be quite biased because I have an undying love and admiration for James Patterson novels. I have made it my life’s mission to collect and read his books. I will try my utmost to keep this review objective.  James Patterson is well renowned for his action-packed thrillers namely the Alex Cross and the Women’s Murder Club series so if you are into mystery and murder then these are the books for you.

“First Love” however, as indicated from the title, is all about the mushy teenage romance. Through the use of first person narration we are able to view the world through the eyes of Axi. What I particularly love about his writing is his way of getting you attached to the characters.

This book is dripping with humour and wit. It had entertained me to no ends. Alongside the fun and excitement felt, the feeling of dread came about. Here we have two teenagers running away on an adventure causing mayhem wherever they go and it has the readers thinking that “yeah, this is bound to go wrong at some point”. But just like Axi’s adventure, what goes wrong is not what we expect it to be and it might have us being slightly mad at James Patterson for subjecting us to such torture. To all the weak hearted, please place a box of tissue paper beside you because yes, this can turn out to be quite an emotional read. *Queue the feels*

There is more to this novel than the teenage romance and the reckless behaviour. To me it is about taking chances, chasing your happiness, making the most of what you have and of course, living. It is Axi’s journey of self-discovery. There’s this particular quote that really stuck to me while reading and even now I can’t seem to forget it. “It wasn’t enough but yet it has to be.” This pretty much sums up life and its moments.

It is a well-written and captivating love story. This is not your toe-curling, sizzling romance kind of book but instead it is sweet, heart-warming and at one point it will have you smiling to yourself and whoever’s nearby watching you will probably think you are insane. My sister surely thought so. And ladies, you are also bound to fall in love with Robinson. It is inevitable. Apart from him being a natural charmer and possessing the swoon-worthy boyish looks (at least in Axi’s eyes since she is in love and all that), he has a fire in his soul and a thirst to live that makes his character all the more colourful.

Now for a tinge of negativity 😦

To some this book may come off as dry and unsatisfying in terms of the romance. Some might find it lacking and consider it a poor depiction of a “First Love’. Their journey can indeed be quite unbelievable, but hey if you can read about vampires and werewolves, why not believe in two teenagers traveling across the US with limited funds whilst “borrowing” vehicles. This admittedly, is not one of his best romance novels. I find that his novel “Suzanne’s letters to Nicholas” to be more suitable. I noticed a lack of excitement and enthusiasm when writing this review and concluded that I expected more from the book. Although I was surprisingly satisfied with the ending since these kinds of books tend to leave me in a constant state of denial.

But let that not dissuade you from flicking through the pages of this book. Take a chance, my dear readers and give this book a go. It certainly has my stamp of approval.


“I Have A Dream Today”

I find it very fitting that I begin my days as a blogger with the famous quote “I have a dream today”, said by the one and only Martin Luther King over 53 years ago. King had an aspiration; a hope to end racism in the United States and he stood firmly that day, delivering an awe-inspiring speech, voicing out how he sees a future where there is no longer the “injustice” and “oppression” against his people. So like Mr. King I have a dream today; a dream that I would very much love to become a reality. I will not delve too much into of what that dream is about but I will say this; I have a dream that one day my words and writing will have an impact on lives and that with these words I would be able to place my mark on this world.

So listen up world, I HAVE A DREAM and that dream begins with the creation of this blog. This is my leap forward; not a step, but a leap. Steps are more meticulous and safe. This however is a giant leap forward, because I am not entirely sure this will even work out and a safe landing is not guaranteed. But I am going to take that chance because I have a dream. So like the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in 1963 (offering up a bit of a history lesson), this blog becomes my “pledge”; proof of my promise that no matter what I will keep moving forward as to achieve my goals. At this point it does not even matter whether or not I land on my feet or fall flat on my face (although landing on my feet would be preferable); in both cases I would still be moving forward. “Turning back” is not an option.

So I am sure you are wondering why I chose to do a book blog (even if you are not I choose to believe that you are. Don’t rain on my parade). The answer is simple. I absolutely love reading and of course writing is definitely a passion of mine, but what I particularly love more than reading and writing is analyzing and criticizing a book. I could spend days and nights ranting about a book. I want to do reviews on the books that are at the top of the 2016 must read list; reviews on books that you might have never heard of and let us not forget those good old classics. To some this might not seem as interesting as it sounds. This blog might not be your cup of tea. This is mainly for the readers; the book enthusiasts; the book-worms; the word addicts. But if you are not a lover of books and still want to give this a chance then by all means do so.

Basically by starting this blog I am killing two birds with one stone; realizing my dream and doing what I love and to me there is nothing more fulfilling and satisfying than doing so. Well maybe apart from eating pizza. That would definitely rank first as the most fulfilling and satisfying thing to do. It is high time that these long nights of reading, that often turn into mornings, are put to good use. I hope to share my opinion with you all and that in some way it would influence your next read.

To finish off, since Christmas is right around the corner, I would like to wish you all, readers and non-readers, a happy Christmas and a joyous New Year. 😊

“And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall march ahead. We cannot turn back.”