A Heart-felt Tribute 🌷


Faint is the memory

that can be traced back to the

younger years of childhood.

And Like a whisper of a thought;

Like the remnant of a gentle touch,

the thought is there but fleeting.


The recollection of the sweet fragrance

Of a well cooked meal

Due to be served at half past twelve

Will always brush the chill away

And sting the heavy-hearted.


Some might not want to remember,

the constant trembling of your hands,

the involuntary shudder that racked your body

within the weaker days.

The sudden frailty; the shocking vulnerability.

But it is that that remains etched in my mind.

Eyes as wide as that of a child,

Sweeping across the crowded corner of visitors,

Taking in every moment with slow apprehension.

Eyes that spoke more words,

Than the quivering lips would utter.

And a strength that the body could no longer muster

Echoed within your gentle eyes.


The morning; That morning the petals fell,

But its fiery vibrant color;

The memory of its color will never fade away.



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