Not Ready to Feel

She reads constantly;

Things that touch her heart

Poems that are sure to be reminders of where her emotions used to lies

She reads to remember love and heartbreak;

The likes of things she once felt through personal experience…

She does this because she isn’t ready;

Not ready to feel it for herself once again.




A girl from an island state dwarfed by the rest of the world. I am Seychellois and i seek out journeys of self growth. I rotate around the idea of positive, honest and productive expression in whatever form it comes; and for me that is writing. My posts reflect my wandering journeys of myself and those that impact me! I release when I write and the Universe takes it all away and gives me back the greatness I choose to attract. Anyone can do the same...and if I'm able to convince people of that through expelling by writing then "Hurrah!"

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