Today’s Ramblings

Ageless but older

than the prehistoric years.

Devised by men

but has existed long before then.

It mocks us,

by giving us the illusion of eternity,

when all we get is a fraction of the whole.

Fools we must be for believing

that we have complete control .

We are merely puppets within its endless play.

It selfishly rushes forward

while we wither away.

It’s almost laughable;

How tomorrow’s plans

may never leave today.

Tick tock goes the clock

There goes another day.

With every passing moment we blindly

Take one step closer to our graves.

Tick tock,

Can you carry its weight?

Do you hear the ticking?

Do you hear that chime?

Do you feel the skin thin?

Do you feel the presence of time?


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