A Little Something About Me

“Hello readers and non-readers, as you must have figured out from the title of my blog, this is a book blog. This blog will feature book reviews and recommendations and possibly my insane rantings about books. I apologize in advance as I sometimes get quite carried away and over-excited about a read.”

Well this is embarrassing. This originally started off as a book blog and quickly turned into one which features me posting my writings. To those who were disappointed by the transition, I apologize. I found that I am more passionate about writing poetry than writing book reviews. Not that I’ve stopped reading. Oh no. I’m a reading machine. Like I had mentioned before, I do wish to become a writer, so I will be posting poetry, short extracts, one liners etc.

To know more about my intentions and aims for this blog please review my first post as it pretty much says it all. But to sum it up for you, I’m doing this because I love reading and writing with a passion of a thousand burning suns. If I could I would, choose to read and write for a living. I just do not know anyone who would pay me to do so…yet.

So dear readers, Keep reading, keep writing, loving, living and buy more books because nothing else is as important as buying a good book… maybe two books or three. Have a good day folks.😊😊


The Brooding poet